Corona Virus and your Pet

Tiger Corona Virus

As our knowledge of the virus evolves, keeping up with the changing news about Coronavirus can be challenging. Recently a tiger at the Bronx Zoo in New York tested positive for COVID-19. Despite the case receiving a lot of attention, it does not change what we currently know about communicability of the virus by or from our pets.

At this time, our advice has not changed. Keep your pets home with you even if you are self quarantined as that is the best place that they can be.

While both cats and dogs can test positive, it is not believed that either can give humans COVID-19. We on the other hand may be able to give it to them. If you are infected with COVID-19 DO NOT cuddle with your pets. Also make sure that your pets are practicing social distancing from other animals and humans. For their health, DO NOT allow anyone outside of your household to pet or hold your fur baby.